For candidates: Close engagement to facilitate career progression

“Each candidate is different”

Seems a statement of the obvious – however Barton Phillip lives by that mantra.

We fully appreciate that candidates have a wide variety of personal and professional motives for wanting to change roles or that, in some circumstances, the candidate may not have even contemplated a move until a life-changing opportunity is presented.

Barton Phillip engages closely with candidates to provide detailed information about our client and the role in order to facilitate a smooth transition to their new firm. At partner level we assist the candidate in establishing their commanding business case.

Our service includes guiding candidates through the recruitment process from assessing opportunities through to negotiating the offer and supporting the acceptance and resignation processes.

Our services for candidates include:

    • Providing an overview of the market
    • Ensuring regular market updates
    • Specifying suitable firms
    • Assisting with strategy and timing